Indication based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

(Japan only)

Service Name: bivio

Representative: Andrea Belvedere

Address: 東京都渋谷区宇田川町3-3-902

Contact Information


Phone number: 080 5523 1945

Business Hours: 11:00~16:00

Compensation for services:
As indicated in our application, you will be charged a usage fee based on the sales price of the work sold.
Bivio will pay the sales price to the seller of the work sold after deducting the applicable usage fee.

Payment Method: Apple’s In-App Purchase and Stripe

Time of payment: Follows Apple’s payment schedule.

Service start date: The service will be available as soon as the payment is completed.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of the service, cancellation is not allowed after payment is completed.
However, this does not apply in any of the following cases:

  1. When there is an error or deficiency in the data of the purchased work for sale.
  2. When an improper payment is made, such as a duplicate purchase (i.e., payment is made for the same work within 24 hours) due to a temporary server or communication line error related to the purchase process.

Other Terms: Terms and Conditions for more information.