Payment schedule (2020 – 2021)

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Since bivio payments schedule follows Apple payment schedule, let me explain how Apple payments are organized.

Apple has its own fiscal calendar that starts and ends towards the end of September.
For example, Apple’s 2021 fiscal year started on the 27th of September 2020 and will end on the 25th of September 2021.

Each fiscal year is divided into quarters, and each quarter’s first fiscal month has 35 days followed by two months of 28 days.
To confuse things further, if you do the math, you realize that each fiscal year is missing a day, so every about 5 years, Apple adds a leap week.

Except for a few exceptions*, Apple pays 33 days after each fiscal month; therefore, bivio pays photographers a day after, i.e., 34 days after each of Apple’s fiscal months.

The chart below shows the 2021 paydays. For example, payments for the fiscal month of October are made on the 4th of December, while
payments for the fiscal month of March are made on the 30th of April and so on.

Payment schedule

I will update this post as soon as Apple releases the 2022 fiscal calendar.

*I have only received payments from Apple since this fiscal year (2021). But according to other developers with longer experience than me, it seems that the November fiscal month is often paid earlier.

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