License (Individual, non-profit)

This License applies to the “bivio” service provided by us.
The terms of this License shall have the same meaning as those outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. The Vendor hereby grants to the Purchaser, under this License, an indefinite license to use the Work and its descriptions and explanations for personal and non-commercial purposes (the “Permitted Purposes”).

  2. The content contained in the sold work may require permission from third-party right holders depending on the content’s type of use and application.
    The purchaser shall resolve disputes with such right holders at the purchaser’s risk.
  3. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the use of the sold work in combination with other materials.
  4. Works for sale and their descriptions and explanations may be reproduced or modified only within the scope of the licensed purpose.
    Selling, distributing, transferring, lending, or transmitting copies or altered data of works for sale and their descriptions and explanations to third parties are prohibited.
  5. It is prohibited to sublicense the sold work and its description and explanation to a third party or to make it available for download by a third party.
  6. It is prohibited to use the sold works and their descriptions and explanations in the following ways:
    1. Use for commercial purposes or other purposes outside the scope of the licensed purpose.
    2. Use of content that violates laws and regulations or public order and morals.
    3. Use in connection with pornography, adult services, criminal activities, etc.
    4. Use that significantly alters or manipulates the subject.
    5. Use that harms the reputation or credibility of the seller or subject.
    6. Use in connection with specific religious or political activities.
    7. Use of trademarks, logos, service marks, etc.
  7. We do not accept exchanges, returns, or refunds for works for sale. So please be sure to check the images beforehand before making a purchase.

Formulated: April 1, 2021


This Agreement has been negotiated and executed by the Parties in Japanese. In the event of any conflict between the Japanese language version and the English language of this Agreement, the terms of the Japanese language version shall prevail.