Payment schedule (2021 -2022)

bivio pays photographers 34 days after each of Apple’s fiscal months.

Please refer to last year’s payment schedule for an explanation.

The chart below shows the 2021/2022 paydays. For example, payments for the fiscal month of October are made on the 3rd of December, while payments for the fiscal month of March are made on the 6th of May.
Payment Schedule (2021 - 2022)

Why I made bivio

My name is Andrea, and I am a Software Engineer/Amateur Street Photographer.

I made bivio because we, the pro and amateur photographers, don’t have good platforms to exhibit and sell our work.
Currently, we have three undesirable options:

  1. We are the product, and therefore, we have to endure ads, influencers, questionable algorithms, and changes in directions that devalue photography.
  2. We have to pay recurring subscriptions fees that get higher depending on how much functionality we want to unlock.
  3. We cannot decide the price of our work; we upload our photos and hope for the best.

On bivio, you sell and buy images from your phone. There are no subscriptions fees. You keep 100% of the price you decided for your photos.

Grow a following, follow other photographers, and be inspired while exploring the latest posts in chronological order algorithm-free.

Enjoy photography without unwelcome distractions; on bivio, there are no ads, influencers, reels, stories, IGTV, or sneaky tracking algorithms.

Tag your photos and create your feed by following tags and photographers that most impress you.

Improve your craft, help other photographers grow, and show appreciation by leaving comments and likes on your favorite images.

Exhibit your photos with their original ratio without lame crops. Discover details in landscape view and by pinching to zoom.

Receive payments and monitor earnings and payouts connecting your bivio account with Stripe.

To purchase photos and download original resolution images, buy credits from Apple’s In-App Purchase and use your credits to purchase pictures and support photographers.

bivio is on its first iteration, and you, the photographer, can steer future development. So what would you like to see next on bivio? Would you mind commenting on the “Steer bivio development” page?
I would love to hear from you.

You can find bivio on the App Store for the iPhone.

The Android version is under development.

Here is a direct link ➞

Image upload tips

Points to remember when uploading an image on bivio

  1. It is not necessary to add a frame to your pictures (commonly done on Instagram). This is important for two reasons:
    1. bivio does not show a cropped image in both landscape or portrait mode.
    2. The image that you upload is the same image that will be downloaded after purchase.
  2. Don’t upload pictures with a watermark. This is also important for two reasons:
    1. Same as point b above, the image uploaded is the same image downloaded after purchase.
    2. bivio has a watermark feature from Settings > Watermark. You can upload your own watermark from the Watermark screen, and it will appear on the image visible on bivio.

Payment schedule (2020 – 2021)

For the “too long; didn’t read” version, please refer to the image below.
For an explanation, keep reading.

Since bivio payments schedule follows Apple payment schedule, let me explain how Apple payments are organized.

Apple has its own fiscal calendar that starts and ends towards the end of September.
For example, Apple’s 2021 fiscal year started on the 27th of September 2020 and will end on the 25th of September 2021.

Each fiscal year is divided into quarters, and each quarter’s first fiscal month has 35 days followed by two months of 28 days.
To confuse things further, if you do the math, you realize that each fiscal year is missing a day, so every about 5 years, Apple adds a leap week.

Except for a few exceptions*, Apple pays 33 days after each fiscal month; therefore, bivio pays photographers a day after, i.e., 34 days after each of Apple’s fiscal months.

The chart below shows the 2021 paydays. For example, payments for the fiscal month of October are made on the 4th of December, while
payments for the fiscal month of March are made on the 30th of April and so on.

Payment schedule

I will update this post as soon as Apple releases the 2022 fiscal calendar.

*I have only received payments from Apple since this fiscal year (2021). But according to other developers with longer experience than me, it seems that the November fiscal month is often paid earlier.